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Student Loans and Marriage

Newlyweds have many goals - buying a home, starting a family and saving for a comfortable retirement are just a few. However, many young couples are entering marriage with student loan debt, which they need to learn to manage together as they plan for the future. While it may seem challenging, balancing student loans and other financial needs after marriage can be done - but it's important to know your options, outline your goals as a couple and create a solid plan to achieve those goals. The guide below will give you a framework for tackling student loan debt with your spouse which will help you be better prepared for future financial goals, such as applying for a mortgage, saving for retirement and saving for your children's education.

Tips for managing your student loans together after marriage

Once you're married, you and your spouse will need to work together to maintain your new family's finances. Whether one or both of you is repaying student loan debt, it's important to create a plan to address your loans and pay them down effectively. Consider these steps to get started:

Manage student loan and savings goals with an Education Refinance Loan

After marriage, dealing with student loans and other financial matters is a team effort. If your family is paying off student loan debt, Citizens Bank may be able to help. Consider applying for an Education Refinance Loan if you need to lower your monthly payments or simplify your payment schedule. Estimate your potential savings and learn more by calling 855-247-5557 and speaking with one of our Student Lending Specialists today.

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